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Engraving Ideas

First Letter: (A+B, A❤️B)

Names: (John / Suzie)

Special Date: (18/12/2014)

Roman Date: (V.XVI.MMXX)

Meaningful Words: Forever Always

You & Me Forever

I Love You Forever

Always With You

Best Mom

Our Daughter

My Bestie Forever

A maximum of 10 characters can be engraved per heart. We are unable to engrave Emojis other than a heart. 

Product Details

Elegantly handcrafted in Gold, Silver, or Rose gold, our Engraved Heart Necklace with our Preserved Forever Rose is the perfect sentimental piece to last a lifetime. Rotate from a real preserved rose to reveal the hidden necklace with an optional engraving of your choice.

  • Luxury 24-karat gold/925 sterling silver plated stainless steel. 
  • Size: 45+5cm
  • 10 letters can be engraved (no emojis).
  • Comfortable and durable for years of everyday wear. 
  • 100% waterproof. 
  • Innovative anti-tarnish protective coating.
  • Included: Gift bag, preserved rose gift box, & engraved heart necklace.

All of our jewelry is made from the highest quality stainless steel and plated using a technique called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). This new, modern way of plating, is ten times thicker than standard gold plating, is environmentally friendly and uses a vacuum coating process, resulting in an extremely durable finish.

It is advised to avoid any harsh chemicals as that could potentially tarnish your jewelry.

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Our Guarantee & Warranty

Not satisfied with your order? Our 30-Day Refund Guarantee enables you to get a refund with no questions asked.

All of our jewelry comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime quality and plating guarantee.

Quality is Our Priority

At Affinity we take pride in setting the highest standards down to the smallest of details. This sets us apart from cheaper replica alternatives who often use harmful and low-quality materials

Each Forever Rose & Necklace is meticulously hand made as a premium investment that lasts a lifetime. 

A Symbol of Forever-Lasting Love

Reveal a Special Gift

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Why Choose The Forever Rose & Engraved Heart Necklace

Forever Rose & Engraved Heart Necklace



Real Rose Preserved to Last a Lifetime Without Maintenance

Handmade Using High Purity Precious Metals

Hypoallergenic & Anti-Microbial

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee & Lifetime Quality Guarantee

Sustainably & Responsibly Sourced

Frequently Asked Questions

How many letters can be engraved?

A maximum of 10 letters can be engraved (no emojis).

What is the length of the necklace?

The necklace can be adjusted to your desired fit where the length ranges from 45cm to 50cm using the lobster clasp.

How do I maintain the rose?

The rose does NOT need to be watered or maintained in the rose box. 

The unique preservation process that we use keeps the rose looking fresh without any need for maintenance.

What is included?

Each order contains a unique 18-karat gold/925 sterling silver plated stainless steel necklace with optional engraving, a preserved rose rotating gift box, and a gift bag.

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